Testimonials from past HCP and Firearms Classes

"Jeff is highly qualified and knowledgeable. He was open to peoples concerns and willing and honest with his answers to questions. He was able to give examples to questions that were asked. I gained answers to some questions that I have had for some time" 

"Jeff was great. Very knowledgeable and good sense of humor."

"Excellent instructor, would recommend to anyone."

"Friendly, kept it light while being educational, told good examples to drive home points, engaged the class members" - William

"Jeff was phenomenal! Highly knowledgeable" - Rick

"Jeff is one of the most educational yet entertaining instructors I have ever had. GREAT CLASS" - Diane

"Now that I shoot regularly, I pride myself on being knowledgeable, safe and a pretty good shot. I owe it all to Jeff. I could not have asked for a better teacher!" - Lisa

"He was impressive; his real world experience enhanced his efforts" - Glenn

"Nice guy, knows his stuff and seemed to have lots of experience and spent the time to answer any questions"

"Jeff Mitchum was a knowledgeable and qualified instructor. Informative course. Instructor was able to make it easy for people of all experience levels to learn. Will definitely recommend to family and friends" - Ben S.

"Great instructor for a dry subject. 10/10"

"Good mix of legal and scenario based instruction"

"Excellent instructor, would recommend to anyone."

***And because I can be honest and open to constructive criticism.....***

"Instructor would have been great, however, his presentation style caused him to take an hour longer than necessary which was not ideal. 3/10"

This was for another company that said their class was 3 hours.  My class is 4 hours.  He did say "would have been great".  :-)