Jillian Murphy Personal Training

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Handgun Familiarization

Short video on familiarizing yourself with handguns for new owners

Situational Awareness

This is a brief video lesson on situational awareness and how you would be able to increase yours.  Obviously, this is not an end all lesson.  Just a couple ideas.

Are you ready for a return to "normal"?

If you are like Tactical Yeti, you are ready for a return to normal.  Just so you are aware, I am making plans to get classes up and running almost immediately when restrictions are lifted.  

Classes available in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

What is covered in a Handgun Carry Permit class?

A snippet of what is covered in a Tactical Yeti Defense and Training permit to carry class.

Latest 2nd Amendment and Self Defense News

Train like you fight, so you can fight like a Yeti!

Eating healthier everyday

January 15, 2017

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Shakopee, MN